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The Joyful Executioner  

Posted: September 13, 2014 at 1:10 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Long before she formed the habit of killing flowers

Picking furs from the cat out of sheer delight.

She’s got a nice voice with beautiful vocabs

that will defeat even the nicest singing crow on earth.

People love her words, people admires her every sentence

as the source of leisure time amusement.

Her theatricality stuns the veteran actors from the Holly-Bolly

She stages dramas to lullaby the agitating kids and their mums.

She loves peace and silence. She hates uproar. She upholds rules.

Her soft vengeance never delays to fall on the denigrating mob

who defies or denies her rules and amendments.

She’s fond of black cats that are trained to walk on their hind legs.

She sets them against anything unruly to mark their face and butt

with divine scratches of salvation. She unleashes her cats to endow people

with nameless death as the blessings from above in the shape of martyrdom.

She kills gleefully for the sake of rule of law and new amendments.

Qualm and scruple for the cowards; not for her.

She is a savior executioner.



13 September 2014

Samasan, Abha, KSA





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