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Let’s keep our heart warm!

Posted: March 14, 2020 at 7:19 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

When you are placed under lockdown during corona epidemic, things that you can do to lift your spirit, boost your morale and keep your heart warm:

  1. You can finish reading all your unfinished books.
  2. You can start reading books and articles that you were planning to read but your busy schedule always put a challenge on the way.
  3. You can concentrate on your creativity and create something novel.
  4. You can complete your unfinished painting.
  5. You can write poems, start your new novel or play.
  6. You can complete writing your unfinished projects whether creative, academic or professional.  
  7. You can make calls and patch up your relationships with your friends, foes and kith and kin.
  8. You can teach online, if you are an academician, and thus make the best of your time.   
  9. You can do video conferencing and exchange professional views on your field of expertise.
  10. You can spend quality time with your family members that they have been demanding for a long time.
  11. You can hone your artistic zeal for instance, trying different cuisines, practicing recitation, acting and so on.
  12. You can do freelancing, outsourcing and earn money.
  13. You can take online courses of your choice.
  14. You can use different useful apps or develop some if you have the expertise.
  15. You can watch good movies, documentaries and of course news.
  16. You can watch lectures, training videos on YouTube and streamline your proficiency.
  17. You can work on improving your language proficiency, any language, instead of sitting idle.
  18. You can do online research, read books and explore different fields of knowledge like religion, philosophy, literature, history, politics, anthropology, astronomy and many more.
  19. You can visit world class museums, art galleries, libraries online and enjoy the virtual tours.  
  20. You can support your dear ones suffering from diseases and be kind to the helpless.
  21. You can concentrate on the purpose of your life and decide on the course of it accordingly.
  22. You can work on your spiritual development, practice your religion more devotedly, perfect your God consciousness.
  23. Best of all you can spend time with the remembrance of God and thanking Him for everything you have, you enjoyed, you did.

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